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Brazil Legalizes Medicinal Use of Cannabidiol

This month Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) legalized the medicinal use of cannabidiol (CBD), according to Brazilian news company Folha de S. Paulo.

“It is the first time the regulatory agency officially recognizes the therapeutic effect of a substance obtained from cannabis.

The change also creates room for research and registration of products and medications made with cannabidiol.

“It’s a historic moment”, said Ivo Bucaresky, one of Anvisa’s directors.

In his report, the directors have referred to studies that indicate that the substance, primarily administered orally, does not present risk of addiction and has fewer side effects.

Associations that bring together families of patients with severe epilepsy and other diseases celebrated the change, unanimously approved.

“It’s a historic contribution to easy patient’s suffering”, said Júlio Américo, president of the Association of Medical Marijuana Users (Ama-me).

However, importing cannabidiol based products will still depend on an authorization granted by Anvisa, since there is no record of similar medications in the country.

The government is studying new measures to enable the process.”

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